What is Stadskatten

The happiness and well-being of cats who live in the city, that is Stadskatten (Dutch for City Cats). By sharing knowledge about cat behaviour and cat-friendly products that fit into the homes of city people. And by helping and advising on problem behaviours such as house soiling, fear, destructive behaviour or aggression.

What does Stadskatten do?

For indoor cats, sometimes outdoor cats, free range cats and their owners.

Cats that live indoors or cannot go outside all the time need other activities. Outside cats are active for a large part of the day, they lurk and hunt, they meet fellow cats or are chased away by the neighbor. Action! At home there is a plate of kibble. This means that cats can get bored and have to use their energy in a different way. A lack of activities increases the risk of problem behaviour in cats.

A cat doesn’t necessarily have to go outside to be happy, but cat owners should think carefully about how to organize typical cat behaviour in the house to make both the cat and themselves happy. Typical cat behaviour is not only purring and cuddling, it’s also hunting, scratching, running and climbing. Things that are not always accepted of indoor cats or cats that live in a smaller house, but are necessary for a happy cat.


About me

My parents first had four cats and then I came. Tabby Veer was lying in the cradle with me, I could put doll hats on Haas and Pam while Noor and Mop were watching. Then Alexandra and Muis joined the household, cat Flus travelled with us from Spain. In the meantime the white cat Witje found it too crowded at our house and went to live with the neighbors. At one point my parents had seven cats and one child.

Now, more than 30 years later, I have two cats myself and noticed that keeping cats in the city is very different from living with cats in the village where I grew up. Back there our cats were always outside, in Amsterdam that is often not possible. Stadskatten originated from knowledge I gained during my training as a cat behavioural therapist at the Tinley Academy. Besides that I draw from my own experience of living with cats in the city and of course from my love for the animal itself.


Contact Stadskatten using the email address below or the form. Or for a brief preliminary phone consult. I usually answer within 1 or 2 work days.

Stadskatten is located in Amsterdam

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