AH Schep & Schoon cat litter fine

Biokat kattengrit

Fine (not coarse) cat litter from the supermarket. It’s not too pricey, unscented, sounds ideal. At first sight, it is. It doesn’t smell, as other clay litter sometimes does, and the dust isn’t too bad either. The cats accepted it immediately.

But, the clumping is disappointing, the clumps fall apart immediately. Pee also quickly sinks to the bottom of the litterbox so you get a caked-on lump there and I have to go and clean the whole box. Again. 

First use: within 1 minute
Second use: within 2 minutes

Price: 2,99 / 6 liter (0,50 per liter)



  • clumping
  • fine
  • unscented
  • handy packaging



  • clay
  • not toilet-flushable
  • heavy
  • clumps fall apart when scooped out
  • urine sinks quickly to the bottom of the box

Final grade cat boss: 6
Final grade cats: 7