AH Schep & schoon 4-fold hygiene

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

Litter box filling made of clay and that clumps like the best of them, which makes scooping it out a breeze. This cat litter seems to track a lot less than other types of clay. The light colour of the product also makes it easy to keep clean. A point of concern is the ‘fresh’ smell, which suggests perfume. On the box its mentioned as ‘geurneutralisatie’ which means it neutralizes smells. 

The cats accept it well. So well in fact that they are completely ignoring the second litter box filled with the pricey and soft natural filling their boss likes so much.

As with other clay litter, this one is very heavy as well, but the packaging is handy. The dust is not too bad either.

First use: 2 minutes

Price: 4,19 / 6 litre (0,70 per litre)



  • clumps well
  • little tracking
  • cats accept it quite well
  • product doesn’t smell



  • clay
  • heavy
  • perfume?

Final grade boss: 7
Final grade cats: 8