Behaviour Therapist for Cats in Rotterdam

If you are looking for a behaviour therapist for cats in Rotterdam. Look no further. Stadskatten (Dutch for City Cats) is specialised in cats that live in an urban environment like Rotterdam. Living with cats in a city is different from having cats in the country. City cats have different needs and different behavioural issues than country cats. Contact Stadskatten to discuss your cat’s behaviour and get concrete advice on how to fix any issues or questions you might have.

Stadskatten is Your Behaviour Therapist For Cats in Rotterdam

As a Behaviour Therapist for Cats in Rotterdam, Stadskatten takes a holistic approach to fixing the behavioural issues of your cat. This means that I look at the problematic behaviour itself and also take the history of the cat, the cat’s well being, the household that the cat lives in and the cat’s direct environment into account. All these factors can contribute to the cat’s problematic behaviour. And they can also be included in fixing the issue.

Tailor Made Solutions For Your Feline

Every cat and every household is different. You can find a ton of tips online to fix feline behavioural issues. But sometimes you need tailor made advice. Stadskatten offers advice that is created especially for you and your feline friend. Because I believe that having a guideline that matches your household and your life is the only way to permanently fix any issue.

What does a Cat Behaviourist for cats in Rotterdam do?

When you contact Stadskatten for a behavioural consultation I will start with an extensive questionnaire about your cat’s problem behaviour, its history and character. This helps me to make a first assessment and give you a realistic prognosis. During the consultation (at your home or via video call) I can usually give you a lot of tips and information. After that, within a few days, you will receive a step-by-step program. When you start executing the program you can contact Stadskatten anytime for follow up advice or when in doubt.

Creating a Cat-Friendly Home

Stadskatten can guide and help you to create the optimal home for your city cat in Rotterdam. City cats and indoor cats have different needs from outdoor cats and creating the optimal home environment for your cat can help prevent behavioural issues in the future.

Behaviour Therapist for Cats in Rotterdam

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