Greenwoord Plant Fibre Cat Litter

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

Clumping cat litter made of wood fibres is completely vegetal and biodegradable. I am pleased with the lightweight bag that also easily fills an XL litter box. One small bag really goes a long way.

Unfortunately the grains are quite coarse and I am afraid not very pleasant on cats paws. The cats actually ignored the Greenwood litter box for quite some time.

The clumping is rather disappointing as well, the clumps fall apart completely when scooped out. On top of that the tracking is rather bad, due to the coarse structure and because it is so light, a lot gets stuck in the paws and carried everywhere.

First use: a few days

Price: 7,49 / 8 litre (0,94 per litre)



  • natural
  • toilet flushable
  • very light



  • clumping dissapoints
  • lots of tracking
  • coarse
  • cats don’t like it

Final grade boss: 6
Final grade cats: 4