What Is The Best Litter Box Filling?

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

Finding the best cat litter is a complicated matter for any cat owner. There are so many choices and cats can actually be quite particular about the types of litter they prefer.

For this household I can say that the cat owner wants litter box filling that is easily available, from the supermarket or the pet shop around the corner. I’d rather not order online. I want practical bags because I don’t have enough space to store large packages. I want cat litter that clumps well, doesn’t smell, doesn’t track on paws too much and isn’t too heavy for me to carry home on my bike.

The litterbox users in this house also have their preferences when it comes to cat litter. One cat has asthma, so for him, it shouldn’t be too dusty. The other cat is extremely picky. Let’s just say that over the years we have tried a lot of cat litter.

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