World’s Best Cat Litter (green bag)

Worlds best cat litter

This cat litter is made out of on corn and calls itself World’s Best, sounds good. It’s natural, leaves very little dust and you can flush it down the toilet. This makes me happy. Clumping cat litter and unscented, great!

Unfortunately, I am the only one in the house who is so enthusiastic. The cats are not interested. Very rarely do they use the World’s Best Cat Litter box. Life could have been so beautiful. 

First use: after a few hours

Price: 17,99 / 6,35 kilo (2,83 per kilo)



  • clumping
  • moderately fine
  • unscented
  • natural
  • toilet flushable
  • no smell
  • light
  • dust-free



  • clumps fall apart when scooped out
  • urine quickly sinks to the bottom of the litter box
  • tracking
  • cats don’t like it

Final grade cat boss: 7
Final grade cats: 4