Yarrah Cat Litter

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

Organic clay litter box filling that is beautifully fine and soft on the paws, but unfortunately it is also the most dusty cat litter I have ever seen. When the cats dig into it this creates a cloud of dust that also lingers in the litter box. Not good for cats with asthma and not good for their owners either.

According to the packaging, ‘organic oils’ are added to combat odours. Iḿ afraid that probably means ‘scented’ which is also a no-go in my book. The clumping is also a little disappointing especially given this is a clay litter.

First use: a few hours

Price: 11,99 / 7 kilo (1,70 per kilo)



  • nice big bag
  • very fine and soft
  • doesn’t smell as other clay litter does
  • its bio-organic



  • clay
  • quite heavy
  • perfume?
  • very dusty

Final grade boss: 4
Final grade cats: 5