Favourites of Stadskatten

Every cat has its preferences and so do their owners. One city cat is crazy about chicken and the other couldn’t care less. Some cat owners loves designer furniture when theirs cats prefer a cartboard box. These are the favourites with the Stadskatten household, things either the cats or their boss really like and love.

Modkat XL

Cat Grooming

The Happy Cat

The Happy Cat groomer is an expert in cat grooming and a beautiful person as well. She works in a cat- and furfriendly way and I have been to the Tinley academy with Marie so she knows all about cat behaviour as well.
The Happy Cat website.

Dierenasiel Oostzaan



Gift shop with animal gifts for people. If you are looking for a bottle opener or a pizza cutter in the shape of a cat, this is the place to be. The store owner used to work as a volunteer on the Poezenboot. Some things just make sense.
Zooful website (Dutch).

Wild Whiskers

Cat sitter


Founded in 2008 and therefore one of the most experienced catsitting services in Amsterdam. Great name too: Ikpasopjouwkat (Dutch for ‘I look after your cat’). Besides being a professional cat sitter Marieke is also a certified behaviourist so your cat is in good hands with her and her team.

Modkat XL

Litter Box

XL Cat Litter Box

The best litter box for your cat is the biggest box you can find and preferably one and a half times the length of your cat and high enough so that it doesn’t bump its ears when sitting upright. Modkat ‘s are beautiful, but only the XL is suitable for adult cats. A litter box does not have to be expensive though, a large plastic one will do just fine. 
Modcat website.

Dierenasiel Oostzaan

Adopt don’t shop

Cat Rescue and Shelter Oostzaan

Recently I started working as a volunteer at Dierenasiel Oostzaan, a small cat shelter near Amsterdam. In order to give shelter cats some extra support, Stadskatten offers ex-Oostzaan shelter cats a 20% discount on a behavioural consultation.
Shelter website. 

Wild Whiskers


All Things Cat

Wild Whiskers is a shop with great cat stuff. They sell everything from litter boxes to toys and also cat gifts for people. The business is run by the owner of the first cat cafe in Amsterdam: Kopjes and proceeds go to support the cats. Kopjes is also right next door.
Wild Whiskers website.


Toy Rod by Tabby Tijger

Playing with a rod is fun. Tabby Tijger has sturdy and flexible rods with interchangeable ‘prey’ which therefore stay interesting longer. Always move the prey away from the cat and not towards him, because in nature a mouse doesn’t run towards a cat either.
Tabby Tijger website.

Litter box

Finest Cat Litter

Cat litter should be as soft as the sand on a tropical beach. Cats have sensitive paws
and a lot of litter grit feels like hard pebbles underneath their feet. Not very pleasant. Cat litter from Almo Nature (known from cat food) is fine and soft, all-natural, biodegradable, compostable, and flushable.
Almo Nature website.

Food (and Sweets)


Rewarding good behaviour works best if you want to teach a cat something. This can be done with a stroke on the head and some sweet words, but with a nice snack you can also get done quite a lot. We used Strip Teasers by Miss Purrfect to teach our first high five.