Happiness and the well-being of cats living in the city. That’s what Stadskatten is all about. By sharing knowledge about cat behaviour and cat-friendly products that fit into the homes of city people. And with help and advice on problem behaviour of cats such as house soiling, anxiety and destructive or aggressive behaviour.

What is behavioural therapy for cats? 

Concrete advice for solving problem behaviour.

Problematic feline behaviour such as house soling, peeing outside the litter box, fear or aggressive behaviour towards people or other pets, is more common than you might thing but can usually be solved.

You can find a ton of tips and tricks online, but behavioural therapy should be tailor-made for you. There is nothing weird or crazy about behavioural therapy for cats. Stadskatten (Dutch for City cats) provides concrete advice customised to your situation and to your cat. Stop the struggle, get help. It will improve the situation for the cat and also for you.

Stadskatten is committed to happy cats that live in the city but of course I can also help any issues with village cats or farm cats. Stadskatten can provide advise on problem behaviour and also help prevent problems with tips to make even the cosiest home more cat-friendly.

How does it work?

Behavioural therapy

When you contact me for a behavioural consultation, I will first ask you to fill out an extensive questionnaire about your cat’s problem behaviour and also about its history and character. This helps me to make a good assessment and give you a realistic prognosis.

Then we make an appointment (at your home or via video call). During the meeting I can usually give you a lot of tips and information. Sometimes, when the problem behaviour is more complex, or when it has existed for a longer period of time, I will take a bit more time to come up with an appropriate solution.

Within a few days you will receive a complete written advice from me, with a step-by-step problem solving plan. During this process you can still turn to me for additional advice and help which is included in the consultation process.

My cat soiled the bed regularly and had to be banished from the
bedroom. Esmerij responded very quickly en efficiently,
helped to determine the cause and gave me practical tips.
There hasn’t been a single accident since and both
cats can sleep on the bed with me again!

Owner cat Saga


Make your cat even happier

Stadskatten is committed to happy cats and cat owners. Stadskatten can help with difficulties such as house soiling, anxiety and destructive or aggressive behaviour. By providing insights into how problems with cats arise and by giving practical advice on how to prevent or, if necessary, solve problem behaviour.



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