Prevent problem behaviour or fix it

Stadskatten can help cat owners prevent problems and solve them if necessary. Stadskatten offers customized behavioural advice, tailor-made for your situation and your cat. You can also turn to me with questions on how to prevent behavioural problems. And for optimal housing, care, nutrition and the best addresses for cats in your city.

Customized behaviour advice

No cat is the same. Stadskatten provides behavioural advice tailored to your personal needs. Customized to your situation and to your cat.

Quick chat
(video call, 30 min.)

A brief consultation by phone for questions, doubts or small annoyances. Most issues can be solved if tackled early on. Learn to read your cat and understand what he needs. Stadskatten is your sparring partner and provides practical tips and advice.



The happiest cat
(house- or video call, approx. 1 hour)
Make your cat even happier with custom advice from Stadskatten. What is the best location for the litter box and why; Getting another cat or not; Caring for an older cat, etc. This way you can be sure that your cat is and stays happy..


(Tips & tricks included)

Behaviour advice
(house- or video call, approx. 2 hours)

For behavioural problems that have existed for a longer time, with one or two cats or of a more complex nature. Tailor-made behavioural advice is customised to your individual situation and your cat.


(Three months after care included)

What is behavioural therapy

Behavioural therapy for solving problem behaviour.

Problematic feline behaviour such as house soling, fear or aggression (biting or swatting) is common but can usually be solved. You can find a ton of tips and tricks online, but behavioural therapy is tailor-made for you. There is nothing weird about behavioural therapy for cats. Stadskatten (Dutch for City cats) provides concrete advice customised to your situation and your cat. Stop the struggle, get help. It will improve the situation for the cat and also for you.


General advice

(in writing)

Stadskatten offers brochures on various topics:

  • The litter box with extensive advice on the cat litter box, the ideal location of the box, tips for cleaning and more. €12,50
  • Play about the importance of play for indoor cats and how to get an older cat to play again. €7,50
  • Good cat Bad cat! on how to teach a cat not to jump on the kitchen counter. Tip: punishment does not work anyway.


The happiest cat

Make your cat even happier with tailor-made advice by Stadskatten. How to provide a kitten with the best start in life and how to keep an older cat fit and happy. Whether you’ve had cats for years or your love of cats is still quite new, Stadskatten can be a sparring partner to find the best place for the litter box; to get your older cat to play and what to do if you want to go away for the weekend.

Thank you Esmerij, for your time and tips. We notice that Moomin is doing a lot better already!

Owners of Moomin, Yumi en Zouma