Almo Nature Cat Litter

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

This is a cat behaviourist’s dream, cat litter as soft as a sandy beach. Unscented, clumping, toilet flushable, no dust and oh yes beleave me it really is very soft. Ideal for a cat’s paws and also perfect for cats with asthma like my Kees. When he digs there is no dust to make him cough.

Unfortunately, the packaging is too small and you need quite a lot of it (almost two 20 euro bags in an XL litter box). So using this cat litter doen become a rather expensive affair. Especially if you have more than one litter box in the house.

First use: few minutes
Prijs: 18,99 / 4,54 kilo (4,20 per kilo)



  • compact clumps
  • extremely fine
  • unscented
  • natural
  • toilet flushable
  • does not smell
  • super light
  • no dust



  • urine quickly sinks to the bottom of the box if you don’t use more than one bag
  • quite a lot of tracking
  • pricey
Final grade cat boss: 7 (mostly because of the price)
Final grade cats: 9