Biokat’s Micro Litter Box Filling

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

Biokat’s Micro cat litter is probably the most widely recommended litter box filling for cats with litter box issues. It’s high on all lists of behavioural therapists. Why? Well, this cat litter is easily accepted by cats and scoops out great, you get nice and firm clumps. It’s also quite affordable and readily avilable at most pet shops. Empty a bag into a large litter box, scoop daily, and you are good to go for a month.

However, I find that this type of clay filling smells terrible. I don’t mean when the box has been used but the product itself.  It also leaves a grey layer of dust on everything. The cats don’t complain though. 

First use: within 1 minute
Second use: within 2 minutes

Price: 9,99 / 14 liter (0,66 per litre)



  • clumping
  • moderately fine
  • unscented
  • popular with behavioural therapists



  • clay
  • not toilet-flushable
  • extremely heavy, really impossible to lift
  • it stinks (I think)

Final grade cat boss: 5
Final grade cats: 8