Croci Cat Litter Tofu Clean

Almo Nature kattenbakvulling

Cat litter made out of soy. It was new at the pet shop and I had to try it. To be honest: I mixed it in with a litter box already filled with Worlds Best (see other blog) so I didn’t test the product on it’s own. That said, the bag is too small to fill a decent sized litter box.

The product also smells very weird. As if I emptied a packet of milk powder into the litter box. Although the package doesn’t say it’s scented, I still found it suspicious. The cats didn’t mind it, but I’m not going to buy it again. 

First use: after an hour or so

Price: 11,95 / 2,6 liter (4,60 per litre)



  • clumping
  • moderately fine
  • toilet flushable
  • light
  • no dust



  • tiny bag
  • crazy smell
  • pricey

Final grade boss: 5
Final grade cats: 6